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There’s a reason why the Forrest Gump Principle is right next to the Home page. It explains the guiding philosophy behind everything we do – creating memorable images with an element of surprise. Portraits are no exception.

Most portrait studios are equipped to do one basic style, head-and-shoulders framing against some sort of background – the kind typically seen hanging on living room walls. Over time, these portraits tend to blend in with the room décor to the point that they are rarely, if ever, noticed.

Our portraits are different. In addition to using the Forrest Gump Principle, we endeavor to get to know our portrait subjects so we can present them in a composition reflective of their personality. We call these environmental or character portraits.


Just like fingerprints, each person’s character is unique. We want to show that character in ways that go beyond the superficial, ways that get deep into the soul.

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